Director - Kristen Chapman, is excited to be a part of her 16th show!  This was the second show that Kristen was a part of as co-director for the annual Spring Musical in 2005... and before you ask, no, we aren't meaning to repeat in order!  Kristen still is teaching 6-8 chorus, and 6/7 general music. When she isn't with her students making music she can typically be found at any of her son's events, music or sports.

Her past shows include:
Music Man Jr - 2004
Once on This Island Jr - 2005
Aladdin Jr - 2006
Guys and Dolls Jr - 2007
Willy Wonka Jr - 2008
Annie Jr - 2009
Seussical Jr - 2010
Mulan Jr - 2011
High School Musical Jr - 2012
The Little Mermaid Jr - 2013
Beauty and the Beast Jr - 2014
Disney's Alice and Wonderland Jr. - 2015
Lion King Jr. - 2016
Shrek Jr. - 2017
Music Man Jr. - 2018
Once on This Island Jr. - 2019

Assistant Director - Leslie Rench, is excited to be a part of her 13th show. Leslie is a fifth grade teacher at White River Elementary and came on to help as a parent over a decade ago. Over that decade she has become a wonderful partner in this annual endeavor and a dear friend. She is among other duties the costumer extraordinaire for our shows. Leslie has three grown children, her eldest works on the West Coast, and her middle child lives in Boston, MA, and her youngest has just begun her master's program. Leslie and her husband Dave live in Quechee, VT.

Costume Angel - Rosemary Whitman will be joining us for another of our shows, Rose began working with us several years ago and like Leslie; hasn't left us!  When she isn't costuming something, for us, or for the high school, she is working on one of Hanover's shows. When she isn't costuming, which is pretty infrequent, she is with her beloved husband Norbert and/or her grand-babies!  She truly is an angel among us!  Thank you for your dedication to your craft and the kids!!!

Choreographer - This I will be acting as choreographer, not since Guys and Dolls (the second half of the season have I had to do this) calling my love of musical theater and dance and with the help of a handful of talented high school students who volunteer their skills at dance I am ready for the challenge.  Thankfully the show kit comes with original choreography of TiMoune's solo dance.  Always an adventure.

Stage Manager - Ally Levesque a junior at Hartford High School will be stepping in this year to call the show from the deck and leave her mark on the middle school program.  She has devoted the last three years to the Spring musical and it only makes sense that she would step up to this position of importance.  Ally is a joy to work with.

Props Mistress - Paige Blish will reprise her role as the props mistress.  Paige is also a lacrosse player so her schedule is jam packed but every Spring she tries to juggle it all.  Looking forward to the run with Paige.

Set Design/Construction Leaders - Aiden Bettwieser and Cody Chapman also two juniors and one my very own son I couldn't be prouder of the work they put into the final project that will greet our paying audiences.  Such a beautiful vision we all agreed upon and they made come to fruition.  Both Cody and Aiden are my right and left hands, with the exception that Cody plays varsity baseball so that means that Aiden even more than Cody sometimes is there to do the bulk.  Fortunately they compliment each others work ethic so it has been a joy to work with them.

Ticketmaster -  Rebecca Courtemanche lives in White River with her family, three kids, dog and husband Tyler.  Rebecca took over the position of ticketmaster this year without hesitation.  She has been working tirelessly to fill and make sure tickets are on hold for this years show.  Thank you Rebecca for this important job. 

Assistant Ticketmaster - Deb Winslow lives in White River with her husband and two kids and also has been kind enough to volunteer her time to help fill ticket orders with Rebecca.  I cannot (we cannot) thank either of you enough!

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