Director - Kristen Chapman, is excited to be a part of her 15th show! 15?! HOLY SMOKES, where has the time gone!? This year's production of the Music Man Jr. is actually the first show Kristen worked on here at HMMS. Kristen currently teaches 6-8 chorus, 6/7 general music. When she isn't with her students making music she can typically be found at any of her 16 year old son's events, music or sports. Her past shows include:
Music Man Jr - 2004
Once on This Island Jr - 2005
Aladdin Jr - 2006
Guys and Dolls Jr - 2007
Willy Wonka Jr - 2008
Annie Jr - 2009
Seussical Jr - 2010
Mulan Jr - 2011
High School Musical Jr - 2012
The Little Mermaid Jr - 2013
Beauty and the Beast Jr - 2014
Disney's Alice and Wonderland Jr. - 2015
Lion King Jr. - 2016
Shrek Jr. - 2017

Assistant Director - Leslie Rench, is excited to be a part (officially) of her 11th show. Leslie is a fifth grade teacher at White River Elementary and came on to help as a parent over a decade ago. She is a wonderfully hard worker and a dear friend. She is among other duties the costumer extraordinaire for our shows. I am very lucky to have her back year after year, I am not sure I can do it without her at this point! Leslie has three grown children, her eldest works on the West Coast, and her middle child lives in Boston, MA having graduated from RPI last year, and her youngest is a recent grad from UCONN looking to pursue her master's degree. Leslie and her husband Dave live in Quechee, VT.

Costume Angel - Rosemary Whitman will be joining us for another of our shows, Rose began working with us several years ago now and like Leslie hasn't left us!  When she isn't costuming something, for us, for the high school she is working on one of Hanover's shows. When she isn't costuming which is pretty infrequent, she is with her beloved husband Norbert and/or her grandbabies!  She truly is an angel among us!  Thank you for your dedication to your craft and the kids!!!

Choreographer - This year our choreographer is again coming to us live via Skype (ah the blessings of the computer age) and will make a cameo during the month of March for her Spring break to teach some of the larger dances in person, YAY  Cassandra North, or Cass as we call her, is a Hartford Graduate from the class of 2016 and is currently a sophomore in Rhode Island at Roger Williams University.  Cass has sweetly devoted several hours to learning the choreography pieces while maintaining an excellent GPA, working as a resident assistant and killing it on the dance floor for ballroom dance club at Roger Williams.  She is one busy girl and we miss having her here in person but are so happy to continue our work together for another year.  We love you Cass, thank you!

Stage Manager - AJ DeFelice is a sophomore at Hartford this year and you'd probably recognize him if he stepped onto stage.  He is no stranger to our productions having had a leading role in all three shows he appeared in while a student here at HMMS.  He played Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast Jr, the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland Jr, and has double duty as Mufasa and Grown Simba in his final role for Lion King Jr.  We are excited to work with AJ in this capacity. The theater is a passion of his and he brings that love to everything he does. He is currently working on his own show as a member of the cast of Footloose as a part of NCCT Teen, in addition he ran cross country in the Fall, performed as Perchik in Hartford High's production of Fiddler On The Roof and in his free time in a member of the teen board for NCCT. So grateful to have him back a second year!

Props Mistress - Paige Blish will be taking on the main role of props mistress this year. She has been working with Kenna Hausler the past three years so she is more than ready!  Paige is an excellent student, a sophomore this year at HHS and works part time at the Pink Alligator. We are so happy to have her back to help this year.

Set Design/Construction Leader - Jeff Potter, Jeff's worked with us since Willy Wonka Jr. and I can only imagine the beauty that lies in wait in those unassuming pieces of lumber this year, I look forward to working with this team every year. I know he will make my imagination a reality on that stage and words of thanks will never be enough. Jeff works for Beibel Builders in his day job, is married to his wife Karen and has two children both of whom performed or participated in one way or another on our sets and design. Adam graduated last year from Hartford and his Sister is in her junior year at Castleton University.

Ticketmaster - TBD

Assistant Ticketmaster - TBD

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