Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thank you for your prompt pick ups :)

...and we're off and running yesterday was a great first rehearsal, now to get everyone healthy and on board for the next couple months!  Hopeful that February break will allow all the kids to get sufficient rest and get rid of the winter bugs.

Hannah Rissler our choreographer has a dance website she would like the kids to look at from time to time to study dances at home as well.  That website is:  http://rehearsal.wix.com/hannahdance There is also a tab now labeled Dance and this website will be linked everyday here.

They will have to select our show and type the password "beast" (without the quotation marks) to gain access to the latest videos.  Currently Hannah has pages for all the pieces but the only page with actual content is "Be our guest".

Today's rehearsal, tomorrow are planned for 3-4:30PM it is much appreciated that the kids are there and if you would please pick up in front of the middle school.  

Thank you everyone for your continued support, I know the kids are going to make this the best show yet!

K. Chapman

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