Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CHANGES and ODDS AND ENDS....03/26/14

Good Morning -

A "couple" things:

First: The Calendar has been adjusted this week to reflect the NEEDED ALL CAST rehearsals.  Tomorrow's rehearsal (THURSDAY March 27th) has been changed and changed again, the end time is now 4:30PM instead of 5 tomorrow because of a culminating event for the Altitude students that required over half the cast be released early. We will end at 4:30 tomorrow and then 5PM on Friday.  Thank you for adjusting.  Next week's rehearsal's all end at 5PM but DO NOT involve EVERYONE until Thursday and Friday please read the schedule carefully and email or call me with questions.

Second: YANKEE CANDLE ORDERS will hopefully be here within the next week, watch the blog for updates on the pick up dates for these.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that supported this endevor between this fundraiser and the bake sales we have been able to cover the cost of royalties on this production, in other words, we met our goal!  THANKS A MILLION!

Third: A friendly reminder that children should be picked up in front of the middle school at the end of rehearsal.  If you need ride help please email or call me and I will try to set something up for you.  We are a "musical family" so I am sure we can find ways to help alleviate that pick up stress.

Fourth: Grades for the third quarter close in the next few days, I am hopeful that our students have maintained their grades and that they will be able to continue in the capacity we planned for them from the beginning.

Fifth: This SATURDAY from 8am - 1pm at the Hartford HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA Leslie Rench will be coordinating costumes, if you have a few moments to pop in to discuss what or how you might be able to help it would be greatly appreciated.  Remember, this meeting is at the HIGH SCHOOL!

Sixth and final thoughts: We are down to the remaining weeks of the show.  5 weeks until show week so 6 weeks until we are finished and this is including April vacation and of course we don't practice over April break so it's really even less time.  FROM THIS POINT, the expectation will be required attendance unless your child is sick and out of school during the day, of course extenuating circumstances are understandable but it will be imperative to have an email beforehand so that we can address potential conflicts.  This "new" rule does not include leaving a few minutes early for an overlap with sports (not yet anyway, for that we'll adjust until we're closer to show time)

Also, we will be loading in and building the set throughout the week of April Vacation (details TBA) but please note that the evenings of both the 10th and 11th of APRIL if you are around and not afraid of heavy lifting and getting dirty we will need man power to load in the pallets from the catacombs at the high school to the auditorium.

That's it for now, a lot of information to digest!  Thank you so much for your continued support of the annual Spring musical and for all the work to the final product, it will be so worth it! :)

Sincerely, Ms. Chapman

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