Sunday, May 4, 2014

Paper Schedules coming home tomorrow

On your marks, get set, GOOOOOOO!

Last week!

Paper schedules and breakdowns will be sent home with the kids tomorrow.  Please be advised there are different call times for different kids in the play.

Tomorrow and Tuesday our rehearsal will go until 6:30PM.

Wednesday there is no rehearsal after a day of two performances.

Thursday, we open.  Friday, is our second show, Saturday, closing night and cast party, details on the paper coming home.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT MADE THE BREAKFAST A SUCCESS YESTERDAY!  I think everyone that made the effort to be here was truly impressed.  Thank you especially to those of you that handled all the running around and collecting of food, those that donated juices in particular and those of you that worked the breakfast all morning.

Thank you to Dana's by the Gorge (June Cameron) for the use of utensils and all the pancake batter, maple syrup, and watermelon, we couldn't have pulled it off without you!

It was a wonderful morning!  I look forward to a great week!  Please remember your son/daughter's shoes if they haven't been brought in already and also please remember tights for the girls.

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday, here we go.


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