Friday, February 20, 2015


Well Boys and Girls, members of Wonderland and their families:

I have finished our schedule for the upcoming couple months through production.

A couple important key points, each day has a list of expected participants please read these lists and know who you are in the show.  If you are an ensemble cast member you are expected on ALL FULL CAST rehearsals, and if your name is called for specifically, please read the schedule carefully.

Also please note: if we are working a dance number ie; Zip Dance, or Golden Afternoon or any other large staging number Hannah (our choreographer) respectfully asks that all students wear some type of comfortable sneaker or dance shoe, please no bare feet/stocking feet to dance.

Lastly, you (the cast) should note that the two run through days the week before April break are expected to be completely OFF BOOK!  That means you must be practicing and be ready.

It is crucial to get enough sleep, proper nutrition and to keep hydrated so that you can stay healthy through production, please do your best also, please NO SHARING DRINKS.  Along those same lines please work hard in your academic classrooms so that we don't have worry about academic probation in the fourth quarter and for those working from a point of probation keep working hard to maintain eligibility.

I will speak with leads specifically for foot wear, costumes will be provided at a later date, measurements will be taken sometime before April break.  Please do not worry about costumes, unless you have signed up to help with costuming, we will for sure have everyone in costume by opening night.  :)

There is no cost to be a member of our production, but, there will be forms sent home in these initial days having to do with t-shirt orders for the play anyone and everyone in your families are welcome to purchase these, they are a great tool in getting the word out for our show.  We will need each child to have shoes for their particular role, this may cost something (much like the purchase of cleats for a sports team I am speaking about specific types of footwear, for instance in the past people have purchased ballet slippers or character shoes-this type of thing) we will send home paperwork if we need you to buy shoes if the cost ends up being prohibitive we will make PRIVATE arrangements with the cast member that it involves and their family, please let us know as soon as you know; if you will need help with the cost of shoes for the show.

Ticket sales won't happen for the cast until later in the month of March, there will be enough for everyone, but when we open for business make sure to order swiftly :)!

I think that is everything, again, please read the calendar carefully and as always, I am available for questions via email or classroom phone 802-359-4881 I will do my best to answer all inquiries within 48 hours.  If you have an emergent need please mark your email as such and/or contact the main office at HMMS 802-295-8640.

Thank you, I look forward to a wonderfully, busy next few weeks!

Your Director, Kristen Chapman

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