Monday, March 2, 2015



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making this weekend's bake sale a success.

Tomorrow MARCH 3rd is VOTING day and we will begin with set up for the bake sale 6:45AM.  Voting will be all day but we are scheduled from 7 AM - Noon.

I need a couple extra bodies from 6:45 - 8AM, and 8AM - 10AM, if you are available it would be greatly appreciated.  I can only hope we will be as successful as we were on Saturday...

Are you ready for this?  Our bake sale brought in 385.00 (and change) in just a few hours, ALL THANKS TO YOU!

For tomorrow, we will need some small homemade breads or more muffin type goods, we have fruit and varied baked goods still left for tomorrow, but some new things to bulk our supplies might be a good thing?  If you are interested please email at

If you bring in something if you could please make sure to put your name on the container so that it gets back to the correct family it would be much appreciated, as it is I have several containers without names in the back of my car.

I will bring them to the school (HMMS) and you can collect them from my classroom.

Thanks again, everyone, for making Part 1 fundraising a success!

You all, so totally rock! :)


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