Thursday, May 7, 2015


Thank you everyone that has been so gracious and helpful with the bake sales before, and offers for this Saturday, currently that is the most pressing need.

I have made the executive decision to keep the snacks (that people have offered for Tuesday if they are still so inclined be it.

Wednesday we (Leslie and I) respectfully request you send your child with a bag lunch.  We are hoping for good weather and to go outside and we will not be providing lunch as we have in past years.  Everyone is busy and we can just as easily have them eat outside between shows.

Whatever snacks are left from the kind souls on Tuesday will be shared on Wednesday as well.

Saturday we will provide Pizza between shows (or your child can bring a bagged dinner) I will be collecting 5.00 for the pizza if they would like to eat the pizza from EBA's pepperoni or cheese.  THIS IS NOT MANDATORY and if your child is fine with having a sandwich or you would prefer to bring them something else for dinner, that is totally acceptable.  Saturday is a long day, I only want to be sure the kids are fed and hydrated.

Which leads me to the last point.

We have a few flats of water offered to feed the kids, I would love it if we could use them for the concessions between each show and have the kids bring refillable (PERSONAL) water bottles since we have a lovely water bottle-filling fountain available at the high school.  It will help the Earth too! :)

I apologize for the last minute changes but I think this is best.

If you are interested in heading the concessions (a huge piece of our funding for future shows) please contact me through email ASAP.  There will be high schoolers to help with set up, sales, and tear down.

Many thanks to Barb Farnsworth for the help with sign up genius I am sorry we have to move forward from here with a different verdict.

If you have volunteered something already it would be great if you could let me know (via email) if you can and will still bring it in?  If you are bringing something for the tea party you can drop it Friday afternoon if that is easier.

Sincerely, Kristen

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