Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Can this be???

We are two weeks?!!!  Can that be right?!  Away from Matinees and our run to the finish.

I am working on getting the program done today before sending it to be printed.  I have a special request for you all, if you want, for the bargain price of $10.00 to have you or other loved ones add words of kindness and love for your child(ren) in the program you can do just that!  This 10.00 fee helps to defray printing costs, but it is fun for the kids to look through the program see a special note to them and makes the program even better as a souvenir.  DO NOT REPLY ALL FOR THESE SPECIAL NOTES, instead, please email directly with PROGRAM MESSAGE in the subject line so I can keep them together for the program.

The deadline for these notes is Saturday April 29th.  I apologize for the turn around being so quick, but with a late April break, and a shorter turn to production, it has to be...The $ can come later, but if you could mark that it pays for the memo in the program that would be a huge help!

Posters will be coming home today, if you have a location you can for sure post, please let me know so that I can be sure to get your child extra posters to hang around town.  The ticket sales will be open to the public this evening!

Also, Friday everyone that has a Shrek t shirt please wear it to help spread the word, it is our first "psych day" for the play.  YAY!  We have a few shirts still available for purchase, mostly mediums and a couple larger sizes, if your child wants a shirt they are $15.00 and checks (all checks for anything really) should be made out to HMMS please and thank you.

I have to say that as crazy as things have been and the set not being entirely complete, and even with the many hours our costume Queen Leslie Rench and team have worked on costumes, there is still much to do between now and finish; but the kids have been great, patient and kind and hardworking all things that give me faith we will get there.  The magic of theater after all!  

Thank you in advance for your kind donations of food help, food, snacks, and goodies, and time for concessions and TIME alone, in the coming weeks.

I will need help with hair and make up for this production.  Next week on Wednesday I would like to meet with those interested from 6-7PM at the high school to talk about the needs of our group, again if you are interested please email me directly!

Next week's rehearsals for the kids will be going until 5:30PM.  Because of the short time left to production that extra time will be extremely helpful to us.  Some children may be asked to stay after that time for fitting costumes, we will try to offer a days notice at least.

Friday's schedule next week through our production will be a paper schedule sent home next Thursday evening please keep an eye out.

I (think) that is it for now.  In the meantime, thank you all for your patience and support.  I can't believe we are here already, every year I am in awe of how fast we arrive at this point.

Onward, to the final curtain!

I can't wait...and yet... 😉

More soon, Kristen Chapman

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