Wednesday, May 3, 2017

updates updates updates

OMGoodness the excitement, or is that, the anxiety is tangible??? ONE WEEK FROM SHOW TIME!

Bear with me lots of information in this one:

Tickets will be available for will call 5-5:45PM Monday &Tuesday, next week at the high school in the main lobby. If you do not collect your tickets and double check for accuracy that day (making additions on these nights) you can collect your tickets one hour prior to show times 6PM box office will open for all shows.
$ for Parent Blurbs are due as soon as possible, please either send in cash or check (money to me) and memo: Parent Blurb.
Sarah Kendall, Barb Farnsworth and Lisa Arnold have been working with you all for concessions and for snack help! Thank you all for your willingness to contribute to the end of the production!
Leslie Rench, Rosemary Whitman, and Candice DeFelice, Sharleen Burnett, and Mena Kersey and a host of others have been participating for hours and hours into the evenings and through weekends to make the magic of costuming our large cast a reality! Thank you for your help everyone and a special thanks to these ladies that make every year a better year for their dedication to the end result.
The calendar and schedule for this Friday - Next weekend will be sent home in paper copy with the kids tomorrow for your fridge or whatever is best for your family. A preview attached.
I have three t-shirts still for purchase: 2 XL's and 1 XXL. cost for the shirts are 15.00 if you are interested.
Friday is our t-shirt wearing psych day and then next week we will wear our t's M - F (if they want) to help promote the show. Please help spread the word on social media. Our Ticket tab is up through midnight Monday the 8th. and tickets are available for purchase prior to each show at 6PM in the high school lobby! All publicity is good publicity, please help reach out to the community we love to play to a FULL HOUSE!
Speaking of which I double checked and the Valley Calendar has us listed. WOOT! It's getting real!
While there is still lots to accomplish I wanted to be sure to thank you all for all you have done to make this year possible!!!
Sincerely YOURS IN SONG, Kristen Chapman

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