Thursday, February 8, 2018


Good Morning -

A couple important dates coming up I wanted to share with you.

February 13th - Audition day 3-4:15 General Actors 4:30-6:30PM Leading Actors 6:45-8:45PM Leading Actors all auditions will be held in my classroom in the middle school on that Tuesday, pick ups and drop offs should happen in the front of the middle school.

February 15th - Callbacks for selected students will be held on this day from 4PM - 7PM also, in my classroom and pick up and drop offs should be in front of the school as well.

February 16th - Cast list will be posted at the end of the day and on this site after 2:30PM

February 17-25th - February Break - NO REHEARSALS!

February 23rd - Calendar through April break will be completed online.

March 3rd - TOWN MEETING MORNING - my GLEE club will be performing a couple pieces at this meeting but this is also our first BAKE SALE. I am in need of sign ups for baked goods for this day. Stay tuned for a sign up genius coming your way for this venture.

We are off and running, updates will come weekly, is my hope!

Thank you for your help in advance,

Kristen Chapman

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