Friday, March 9, 2018


Sometimes those unplanned days off can be so productive other times it really puts a wrench in the works, my apologies for the inconvenience and lack of rehearsals already at the end of the first week of March, not much we can do for SNOW DAYS thrown into the mix...


Today's rehearsal is for Marion, her understudy and Harold and his understudy only from 3-4:30PM here at the middle school.

Next week is a big dance rehearsal week.

M - W is ALL CAST Dance rehearsal for Shippoopi 3-5PM and then on TH and FR from 3-5 the whole cast MINUS - Marion, Olin, Oliver, Ewart, Jacey and Mayor and Mrs Shinn are expected (understudies for the parts excused should plan to attend these rehearsals).

Enjoy your weekend! Looking forward to making great progress on two large scenes in the coming week.

Reminder that 7-12th grade is responsible for being back at the high school for 6:30PM on Tuesday because of Concert Grande evening. I know this makes things tight for all involved but this is when our choreographer is in town so hopefully everyone will make do.

Thank you in advance for your patience and dedication to a great production.

With kindest regards, Kristen Chapman

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