Friday, May 7, 2021


 For those that purchased tickets, your "TICKET" is in the receipt email.

Please check your spam folders or even trash (in case it was accidentally tossed) and look for Showtix4U before tonight or tomorrow's show.

The TICKET PURCHASE email is the one you are looking for.

There will be a live program being looped half hour before showtime.

Thank you for your grace and enthusiastic support!

ENJOY THE SHOW, Kristen Chapman

There's still time for tickets!!!


Tickets are on sale until 6:59 PM tonight for today's show and 6:59 PM for tomorrow's show, tomorrow.

There is still time to get those final tickets purchased.  Please help spread the word!  These kids have worked so hard, they deserve all the support!

Thank you for your dedication to our program, 

Kristen Chapman

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A Note from the Director

Here we are. Usually, this note would be in the program. However, I had a few minutes this morning, and I wanted to be sure to somehow get the message out to everyone in this strange year. We are two days from the show! I am simultaneously excited and also trying to remember if I've finished everything.

I want to thank Aiden Bettwieser for all his incredible work and Asher Bettwieser, too. They were the two young men that made the set a reality. They continue to finish the loose ends and are almost finished with the set entirely as of last evening. Aiden's knowledge of sound and mixing/recording was also utilized when the kids recorded on April 3rd. Hours of mixing later, he is the man responsible for the beautiful vocal tracks we have of your children. He also gave an entire Saturday to lighting cues and design. There are not enough words of thanks and kudos for an 18-year-old to have devoted so much of his time to this production. As a family friend and a former teacher, I cannot even say enough good about him and his knowledge of pretty much everything theater. A true renaissance man if ever there was one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Aiden!

I would also like to thank Cassandra North, who I knew was a special young lady the second I met her. Her smile lights up a room, and her energy is seemingly neverending. The kids have been so fortunate. I have been so lucky to work with her the last six months in preparation and in directing and choreographing this year's musical. Cass has volunteered countless hours to this production. I appreciate her expertise in choreography as much as I have enjoyed it and thank her for all her help to make this show a reality. It has been an odd year, to be sure, and she has helped more than I have adequate words to express. Thank you, Cass, for everything you have done and continue to do to make this show a reality and the success I believe it will be!

I would be remiss not to thank Leslie Rench and Rosemary Whitman, who, every year tirelessly and without fail, manage to clothe all the kids for the stage. They make the magic of color, and the whole picture come together! Thank you for your friendship, your shoulders, your time, your imagination, and your ever-present determination to make the show(s) beautiful! I love you both, always!

Lastly, but not least, I would like to thank each family and your kids, the students that make these shows happen! Your willingness to drive for drop-offs and pick-ups, your flexibility and understanding when things change on the fly, and allowing Saturday-frigid-morning recordings at the start of April made this show possible. Everything you have done and will do in the coming days is so very appreciated, so thank you for being a big part of why I have come back for nearly two decades. Thank you for sharing your children with me and for trusting me to lead these productions. It is as always an honor, indeed! Stresses are par for the course, but the smiles on the faces, even behind their masks, are why I do what I do.

If ever there was a year where the words to our final song mirror my sentiments, "we're all in this together," surely this is it! This past year has been a challenge for so many, for many different reasons. Your resilience and determination to help us get back to performing gave us all some of the "normalcy" we were, I was, longing to be a part of again! Thank you all. It has been a joy! ENJOY SHOW!

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


 Good Afternoon - 

By now you have seen the makeup tutorial and I hope have read the email that clarified what I NEED the kids to have which is eye makeup mostly.  If you have questions please reach out.

Also, several of you have scoured the Upper Valley looking for bodysuits or something similar for the young ladies who have costume changes.  A white tank and those shorts that the girl's athletics teams wear work as well, but for those that either, don't have time, or cannot find anything to work please have your daughter see Mrs. Rench to check that maybe we have something for them to use.  Light pink ballet leos work too. Again email questions.

Remaining schedule this week:

Today - 3-6 PM TECHIES until 7PM (we are going to the high school at 2:55/58).

Wednesday 3 - 6 PM (we are going to the high school at 2:55/58). 

Thursday 3 - 6:30PM MANDATORY DRESS REHEARSAL. pickups remain at the high school.

Friday OPENING NIGHT! Drop off to the HIGH SCHOOL please no earlier than 4:30 PM and no later than 5:30 PM. Show run time is just a little over 1 hour, please plan to collect your child at 8:30 PM.

Saturday night CLOSING SHOW! The same rules apply as Friday's show but there will be pizza provided following the show and ice cream for a small cast party in the tent outside the high school, please let me know in an email if your child will be attending. I need a headcount for pizza and ice cream.

Regarding food for show days, please plan on packing dinner for your child if they won't eat before dropping them off, any food should be carried in and your child is responsible for clean up, maintaining distance when eating with a mask off and their own cleanup.  Eating can only happen in the band room, your child will be made aware of this. The same rules apply if they can't wait for the pizza (since it's late) for Saturday night. Please use refillable water bottles for drinks only, no sugary or milk drinks allowed backstage. They cannot eat in costume.

Hair for the boys, please have it washed and out of their face, no hats from home.

Hair for the girls, I will share pictures of some ideas, but basically, out of their face, I have tried to speak with the ladies about their hair but out of their face is the best bet. Cheerleaders are wearing ponytails except for the one student with shorter hair we have spoken to and have a plan, clean and out of the face for all. 

This is a relatively contemporary show so half up half down, double braids, theater kids can do space buns, barrettes, hair colored headbands.  The biggest thing is they can't have it hanging free because then we lose their eyes which is the part of the face that we can see above the mask.

If you have further questions let me know, thanks, Kristen 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Changes to the schedule this week, we are down to the wire and THANK YOU

 Good Evening - 

Recognizing it is late on Sunday, there aren't enough hours in the weekend to get everything done I need to but once again I have to thank my team who spent the day with me on Saturday to get our light scheme handled for the show. 

The mic packs for our principals have arrived and those have been sorted and are awaiting the kids tomorrow.

Costumes are coming!

I have added a note in the classroom to the kids about where to get their appropriate undergarments. I have added the makeup tutorial that a former student sweetly executed for them with product suggestions and descriptions as well. Please don't worry about the lipstick piece, the mask covers their faces so we don't have to worry about that.

Thank you to the Ouelette's and their business, Mason Racing Cycles for their generous donation over the weekend which I believe gets us to our first goal of breaking even, WAHOO!  Thank you sincerely for your generosity everyone. 

I will add a few images of hair suggestions for the ladies in the production for the most part I feel the kids will have their hair out of their face and that is most important.

As always if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.

FYI - the calendar has been changed this next week and is reflected in Google Calendar but here it is:

Tomorrow Monday 5/3  - 3 -5 PM as planned

Tuesday 5/4 - 3 - 6 PM, please

Wednesday 5/5 - 3 - 6 PM, please

Thursday 5/6 - 3 - 6:30 PM, please

Friday SHOW DAY - CALL TIME FOR ENTIRE CAST IS NO LATER THAN 5:30 PM, please (dropoff is to the front of the high school). Pick up should be 8:30 PM latest

Saturday SHOW DAY FINAL - CALL TIME FOR ENTIRE CAST IS NO LATER THAN 5:30 PM, please (dropoff is to the front of the high school).

Cast party is a brief OUTDOOR gathering, I pray it isn't freezing for pizza and ice cream sandwiches immediately following the Saturday show. Pick up should be 9:15 PM latest.  

Thank you, everyone, here's to a great show week!  Thanks for everything!

Kristen Chapman

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Good Morning on this rainy day!

 First things first, I need to correct an autocorrect fail for the last name thank you from a blog ago. 

Thank you to the Krapovicky-Chartiers for their generous donation, the Winslow Family and to the Griswolds your donations will come in handy paying for the rights and the building fees associated with this year's show.

Second, I wanted to give you a heads up that we are into the final week of the show, for those new to this, it may mean a few minutes over at the end of rehearsal.  We will try to get the kids outside as close to five as possible as we recognize many of you have other places to be. However, in the interest of getting all the notes done, last-minute costume decisions made, and perhaps finalizing a number know that we may be slightly after 5 when the kids are released.

This brings me to our show week break down.

Thursday (5/6) is a mandatory dress rehearsal for the entire cast and crew. The time for that is 3-6 PM (again recognizing we may go slightly over having to hang up costumes).

Your child should come with hair and makeup done (if they are home for the day, please) and if they are at school please have them come with the hairstyle they intend to wear for the show (I am speaking mostly to the long-haired ladies of the cast).

Drop-off will remain at the middle school through next week's dress rehearsal on Thursday.

Pick-ups will be at the high school front entrance (as they have been).

Friday 5/7 and Saturday 5/8 are show days.  The whole cast should arrive with hair and makeup done for 5:30 PM, this will allow attendance, warmups (not vocal, sadly) but physical and then any last-minute notes and microphone packs for the principals. 

The show start time is 7PM, this will be available to stream on the evening you purchased a pass.

The run time is approximately 1hr and 5 minutes. Your child can be picked up in front of the high school following the show.

On Saturday evening we are planning a small gathering OUTSIDE for cast and crew following our final show.  Pizza and Ice cream sandwiches are on the menu.  Pray for good weather!  We do have the tent to utilize but this will be from 8:10 - 9:10 or thereabout, you are welcome to collect your child whenever but since we can't have our traditional cast party this was the next best thing.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out via email!  Thank you to everyone for your commitment to making this show a reality!

There is still time to order tickets, please help get the word out!

All the best, Kristen

Monday, April 26, 2021

Clearing up any ticket concerns

 Good Afternoon - 

Here we are two weeks out from the show, I am so proud of this cast for all their hard work, they deserve to be celebrated!

Here's that link again in case you needed to find it quickly:

Feel free to share!

Now, there were a few questions that came up over the weekend and I want to clear up any confusion.

First, the cost of tickets for the show is $7.00 single access code.

The cost of tickets for a family package *which is on your honor* for more than two people watching at a time in a single household is $15.00. It was brought to my attention that somewhere I wrote $10.00 and I apologize if you caught that typo and were confused (rightfully so) the correct fees are written here. $7.00 for a single ticket (up to two people can watch) and $15.00 for a family ticket (more than two).

To the right of these selections, there is a drop-down menu for the number of devices. EACH TICKET purchased comes with ONE code. If you have more than one device that you are going use the code for, say you have a laptop in one home and an Apple TV in another you would select 2 and you would be charged two single or family ticket prices depending on which ticket you selected.  If you needed five different households and five different devices then you would select 5 and be charged for 5 ticket packages. I hope that clears up that confusion.

Of course, folks are more than welcome to simply make a donation to our show and they can do that by simply purchasing a ticket with no intent to use it, though I know you will be sad to miss this show.

Also, there is a friendly competition for most tickets sold, and under the evening selections is a cast list drop-down menu where you will find your child's name.  Please don't forget to select their name when making a purchase so that the correct cast member gets credit for the sale.  The winner gets sole bragging rights, but you'd be shocked at how seriously the kids are taking this!  We have two weeks to sell, sell, sell!  Please help us to raise enough funds to cover the cost of this year's production.  

Thank you to our donations from the Krovicky family, Winslow family, T-shirt orders through Grand Stand Apparel, and a generous donation from a business that prefers to remain anonymous!  Because of these donations, the cost of the microphones will be covered. 

Stay healthy, and well, we are almost to the finish line!  The kids and I are getting so excited!

Be well, Kristen Chapman


 For those that purchased tickets, your "TICKET" is in the receipt email. Please check your spam folders or even trash (in case it...