Thursday, February 6, 2014


We made it!  Snow Day and all!

This means there are three times today ONLY for auditioning.

General Acting auditions: 3-4:30PM

Lead Acting auditions Group 1 - 4:45-6:30PM

Lead Acting auditions Group 2 - 6:45-8:30PM

We will try, try, try to stay on time and true to schedule but without callbacks there may be some that are held up a few minutes between groups.

Thank you for being so flexible.  Please be sure to ask your child when they are scheduled as they should show up when their audition time is and have plans to be picked up afterward.

Such an exciting day!!!  Can't wait to hear them all, and see who gets the part "of their dreams!"  Break a leg everyone!

~K. Chap

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