Wednesday, February 5, 2014


In case you missed the memo, and the Facebook postings this AM was a snow day and as pretty as it is there's been a lot of shoveling on the to-do list today.

Hopefully everyone fully understands tomorrow (02.06) is now THE ONLY AUDITION day!

Whatever time your child signed up for has now been moved to tomorrow, which means no call backs.  This might also mean that the timing might be go slightly longer at the ends and starts of the sections.  Please know that we will try to release them at the correct time but also know that without callbacks there might be some spill over.  We appreciate your flexibility.

I have also learned there is a basketball game tomorrow, please have your child to their scheduled time as close to start time as possible.  Many thanks for adjusting!

Hope everyone has enjoyed the snow day, I know I have done a ton of laundry and some shoveling and decidedly made the best of having the day off even if it did mess up auditions and call backs!

See you all tomorrow!  BREAK A LEG auditionees!

Ms. C (Kristen)

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