Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow day or no snow day?

THAT ^ is the question?!

First the snow day calculator said 75% chance, then this morning at 4:45am it had been reduced to 51% and now it is back to 74%....where oh where will the snow appear?!  At this point I could take or leave the idea of a snow day with just days before February break, and the fact that I spotted green grass in the past two days, I am feeling Spring more than shovels....but alas this is Vermont, and Spring, won't be here before May whether we like it or not.

So, reminder (AGAIN) IF there is a snow day tomorrow, that means whatever time your child signed up for is now their time for auditions on Thursday!

Also, the Yankee candle fundraiser should be off the ground and running at this point.  Feb. 1st was the start date and March 1st is the close date for this sale.

Who have you contacted to help our kids out and future productions!?  There's some really cute stuff in the catalog and online.  Shop, shop, shop, sell, sell, sell (please, and thank you!)

Be well, have a great Tuesday, and stay warm!


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