Monday, March 3, 2014

UPDATE 03-03-14

Hi ALL! turns out that the bake sale was a total success!  Thank you to everyone that volunteered their time or their baked (yummy) goodies.  It was fun and productive; always a combo I am willing to be a part of!

The GLEE CLUB opened the Town Mtg day and that too, was met warmly, I was, as always, very proud!

A couple things, first, there is no rehearsal today or tomorrow because of in-service, student-led conferences, and voting.  Wednesday there is a cast rehearsal for BE OUR GUEST!  Let me reiterate that if your son/daughter is a villager, they are ALSO in this number as an enchanted object, unless it says that they do not have to be here then it is expected that they will be here.  Please have your child see me to double check if they or you are still uncertain, otherwise please plan on your son/daughter having practice on Wednesday the 5th of March until 5PM at the middle school, thanks!

Second, we have a later rehearsal for scene work on Thursday please watch the calendar closely at this point.  There is no rehearsal this week on Friday.

Third, we have a continuation of the bake sale tomorrow 03-04-14 in the lobby of the high school gym until 1PM.  We will set up at 7AM and be done as soon as things are sold out or no later than 1PM.  If you can come that is great, if not I completely understand, just know it is going on, and we would love to see you if you can stop in, even for a moment.   We are (pretty much) set for baked goods but if you did bake something today for tomorrow, drop me an email and let me know at your earliest convenience just so I can have some idea of what will be there tomorrow.

Fourth, T-SHIRT ORDERS ARE DUE TOMORROW!  The extra forms have been on my desk for a week, I hope that the kids have brought them to you.  If they haven't, please note t-shirts are 15.00 and checks should be made payable to HMMS YL - 3X are available and your child can bring a check and fill out the form here at the middle school thank you!

Fifth and final, Leslie Rench has already begun measuring, cutting and sewing and is in need of those that are sewing-savvy please email her directly if you are able.  Her email is:

I think that is it for today!  I know that's a lot of information!  Hoping everyone had a good day and tomorrow will be beneficial for us too! :)

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday!!!

Kristen Chapman