Friday, February 28, 2014

A Couple things...

When using your calendar on your smartphones make sure you select the "weekly" view so you can see the details of day and the intended members of the cast that should be present on those days.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  If you son/daughter is listed as a villager they are also enchanted objects in the BE OUR GUEST NUMBER.  It is always our intention to use your child as often as possible.  If they still have questions about whether they should be there, please check the cast list again and also feel free to email me or they can see me in person.

Saturday 03-01, and Tuesday 03-04 we are holding a bake sale at the high school (in the GYM lobby) all proceeds to benefit our HMMS MUSICAL.  Please contribute with a baked good if at all possible.  Thanks to those that have been in contact already.  We are there tomorrow from 8:45 - 2 and again on Tuesday morning 7AM - 2:30PM.  Drop offs can happen at any time during those days, earlier is great!

Thanks so much for your continued support and for the work everyone did on the YANKEE CANDLE FUNDRAISER!  The sale has been extended through next Thursday the 6th.  All orders should be taken and closed by 7th.  Credit Cards can be used on the website, and all orders should have VT sales tax added.

Thanks, Kristen

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