Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two weeks and counting...

Good Morning All -

Here we are two weeks away from the big audition day!  It is insane how that week sneaks up on us time and again!

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow day yesterday and that people are trying to stay healthy or get healthy once and for all, this has been a season of illness certainly.

My email address is: if you have any pressing questions.

If you didn't get to the meeting on the 14th of January, never fear the kids can pick up the forms you missed when they sign up for their audition time.  Which reminds me sign ups will begin _tomorrow_ 01-29-2015 in my room (ROOM 104 - Music ROOM).

The audition times will be as follows:

Wednesday 02-11-15

General Acting: 3:00-4:30PM

Lead Auditions: 4:45-6:30PM

Lead Auditions: 6:45PM - 8:30PM

The auditions for general acting is for those students that would like to be in the show but have no desire for a leading role.  They will sing with a small group for our audition panel and they will dance some and then be sent home.  Very rarely will they be asked to call backs but every once in awhile this does happen so I ask that students that audition for the general acting plan for the possibility of Thursday's call backs as well.

The Lead scenario means that your child will sing a solo audition and dance some and may definitely get called back and then again they might not, call backs are just to see more of something or someone it doesn't really mean anything more than that, please coach your child to know that not getting a call back doesn't mean he/she failed.  Along those lines your child need only pick one of the leading audition times.

ALL STUDENTS who audition will make the play regardless of the outcome of their audition, we do not cut.  If a student auditions for a lead and they aren't chosen as a lead they will be in the ensemble.  They do not need to more than ONE audition spot.

The Thursday call backs haven't been decided just yet, but we are trying to see the best possible timing for the kids to come back.  Typically it has been a two hour window in the evening stay tuned.

Please figure the best time for your child to audition for your family.  You should plan on bringing your child to the later auditions and collecting them from the front of the middle school the only students that are allowed to stay at the end of the day will be those first auditionees in the general acting category.

Thank you very much, Kristen Chapman - Director

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