Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's nearly here...

TONIGHT at 6PM in the HMMS library is an informational meeting for all new-to-the-musical-potentials and their parents.

If you cannot make the meeting (and it is not mandatory for participation in the play) the idea is to get a bulk of the people interested here for question and answers.

Below is the response to an email of great questions to get you all on board hopefully it helps you make your decision easier for allowing your child to be a part of the show or not.

Dates and times will be dependent on your son or daughter's role in the play and when we schedule dance rehearsals and all cast rehearsals.  The auditions will be Wednesday Feb. 11th 3-4:30 for general acting.  Feb. 11th 4:45 - 6:30PM first LEAD audition slot and 6:45 - 8:30PM for the second LEAD audtion slot Sometimes general acting people as well as a handful of kids at the leading auditions are asked to call backs which will happen on Thursday Feb. 12th times are being worked out.

The rehearsal (potential times will be) T - F every week from Feb. 23rd - April 9th no Monday rehearsals through April break.

Then following April break rehearsals will be M - F 2:30-5:00PM for ALL cast and crew April 20th - May 7th  May 8th will be a tech rehearsal which will go from 2:30 - 7PM all cast and crew.

The following week is show week that rehearsal schedule is a little trickier these times and days are subject to change the closer we are to production.

Monday - will be dark NO rehearsal unless I feel we really need it.

Tuesday will be dress rehearsal 12:30 (early release for those in the play) and we will be at the school until 6:30 PM 

Wednesday May 13th - Matinees call times will be dependent on part but that is typically an early day for hair and make up they report directly to the high school that day.  They will perform 2 shows for the elementary schools and middle school audiences and then they will go home at their regularly scheduled time.  2:30 or there after.

Thursday May 14th opening night, calls again dependent on role but the show times are 7PM (the kids are there before for hair and make up).

Friday May 15th show night same as Thursday we have Newt's stay open for ice cream this night and Thursday too.

Saturday May 16th closing.  We do one show at 7PM call times will remain the same from Thursday on.  After Saturday's show we strike set (many hands make light(er) work so it's a request that parents stay to help supervise and strike if at all possible.  Then it's cast party for the kids, movie in the auditorium and dance party in the cafe until 1:00AM (at parents discretion) pizza and goodies provided by musical funds and parent donation.  More on that later.

Hope this helps answer some of your immediate questions specific to scheduling, you should also know a change in plans means we are on for move in and set build/paint through April break, I will not be going out of town as we had hoped.  Thank you for adjusting.

As always I appreciate and anticipate another superb year!

Sincerely, Your Director Kristen Chapman

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