Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Good Afternoon - 

I had an email from a town board member to follow up our weekend's bake sale and I think this person said it best...

"I don't know how you do what you do and make these bake sales lucrative every time but somehow you manage to pull it off and it is successful enough to make you want to come back.  I am impressed."  They went on to say things like "how do you get people to work every time???..."

I could go on but these were some of the highlights, and I simply responded that I have the best parents and kids in the town and they care so much they never let each other, me, or most importantly the kids down.  You, all of you, collectively, are the very best!  It's like the fishes and loaves every time; have bake sale = an abundance of goodies!

Everyone is so generous with their time and their donations, food and monetarily, well it just wouldn't be possible without all of you.  In the time I manned the table on Saturday 8:30AM - 5:30PM (with a couple wonderful volunteers throughout) we more than met and exceeded our goal of raising enough money to pay for our body mics and I feel comfortable saying we can also help families in need with tickets, or t-shirt orders etc.  YOU ARE ALL MY HEROES!

So thank you sincerely, for everything you have done to date, and will do in the coming month and a half and for raising really great kids to share this experience with.  It is a pleasure to be in the driver's seat of this always entertaining, fully-functional production!

In short, YOU ROCK!

Peace, Ms. Chapman

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