Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Can you bake?  Would you mind bringing in something pre - packaged and ready to sell?  Again?  Or for the first time?  It would be much appreciated.

I had thought we were starting much earlier on Saturday but as it turns out we are only expected to be up and running by 10AM.

With the number of people expected to be at this meeting (and sign in) our location is right when you walk into the glass hallway this weekend, we also will begin set up at 9:00AM.

This means there are 1 - 2 hour shifts until 3:00/3:30PM.  The booster club is working for lunch at around noon.

I need food items please, I believe the Paterson's are bringing a flat of water.  Maybe another would be helpful?  I will be there for the day.

The shifts as I have them are:

9-11, 11-1 and 1-3:00 *finish*

9-11: Me, Sara Chaney, @10 - noon Michele Miller.  Leslie you said you could be there to open (with the later time maybe this throws a wrench in your schedule let me know if can or can't either way is fine). :)

11- 1 maybe one more person?

1 - 3 a couple people to help with tear down?

I think that's it...

I have four people that have volunteered food at this point...

Thank you for your help in pulling this off!



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