Friday, April 22, 2016

Good Morning Everyone - 

URGENT _ PLAY practice is done at 5PM tonight.  The paper copy had a couple misprints on it (including weekend practices) which is also not happening.  The kids came to me and said practice goes until 6 or 6:30 and it does not.  The earlier email this week specified this too...

Also, there was much confusion about the hyena footwear, if your child is an animal in the beginning of the play then you did not waste money purchasing the thong dance sandals but if you haven't yet purchased shoes it would be appreciated greatly that the hyenas have BLACK jazz dance shoes, we will need to know who exactly has purchased their shoes.  If you can contact me directly it would be much appreciated.  So I can speak with you specifically about shoes and questions pertaining, certainly everyone will go out on stage with a complete costume one way or another.

LIONESSES - need footless (flesh tone) tights, and (flesh tone) long sleeve regular scoop neckline leotard.  

I am making another order for T-shirts today if you want another t-shirt for family members or cast members that didn't get one in the first round please contact me ASAP the money can come in next week that's fine!

Cast ticket orders are DUE TODAY if you intend to get the allowable 5 free tickets for family's that meet the criteria.  If we do not receive tickets with the form we unfortunately cannot honor that.  After this point all additional tickets should be purchased through our reservations online at under the tickets tab.

I am still looking for someone to HEAD THE CONCESSIONS and FOOD piece in the coming weeks, please email me directly.  I have a list of people willing to lend a hand, but need a leader of this important fundraising component. 

Speaking of Fundraising, thank you for the generous donations and help with completing your child's costumes with appropriate footwear etc, every amount is helpful to keep us afloat.  

We have also asked if you are so inclined for packages of new Triple AAA batteries to help work 160 battery powered lights for what should be a pretty cool effect?!  (I HOPE!) 

BLURBS are due TODAY, again money can come later, I have a list of who has sent BLURBS and who needs to pay.  Thank you, Thank you all as this helps defray costs of printing programs and posters for the show.  THANK YOU to Becky Barwood for her work securing ads for our program as well for the same reason!  It really does take a village.

Next week:


Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Kristen

Kristen T. Chapman
Choral 6-8/General Music 6-7
Musical Director
Hartford Memorial Middle School

~"Where words fail, music speaks"~ Anonymous

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