Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hello Everyone - 

Thank you for your interest in staying on top of things and for your help to get to our wonderful end product.

A couple important reminders:

There was a ticket order form for the cast that was sent out last week and again yesterday I made the announcement for the kids to start spreading the news and sell those seats, it's so much fun to play to a full house, your help in spreading the word is appreciated too!

Friends and family both near and far can use our reservation order form online to ease the process.  Please tell them to go to:www.hmmsmusical.blogspot.com and click the tickets tab, and then follow the form.  A confirmation will be sent when the order is received, or shortly after.  These tickets will be held at will call for pick up and purchase.

The order forms that were sent home can be returned to me through Friday with your child's name on the envelope and the order form inside please.  Those tickets will be handed out to your child at practice next week.  

Also, the web fundraiser for bags is ongoing, don't forget to share that bit.

THANK YOU TO LISA THOMPSON for taking on the ticket sales and distribution, if you signed up to help Lisa may be in touch to get some box office hours before the show opens.

If anyone is interested in heading the food/concessions piece of the final week, can you please email me directly not a reply all, thanks!

T-shirts are being printed and should hopefully be here by the end of the week or early next week so we can start wearing those as those are helpful to spread the word about the production too!

MUSICAL BLURBS, notes of congratulations to your son/daughter in the program are five dollars and can be submitted via email.  You can add the five dollars to your ticket purchases, just please be sure to note that you are enclosing an extra five to cover that cost.  Those blurbs should be emailed to me no later than 2PM this Friday the 22nd of April.  It is a nice way to commemorate their performance and helps defray the costs of printing.

The calendar was incorrect online it has now been fixed and reflects this below, there are no weekend rehearsals:

This WEEK:

W - F 2:30 - 5PM @ HHS ALL CAST


M - F 2:30 - 5PM @ HHS ALL CAST

May 2nd - 6th 2:30 - 5:00PM @ HHS ALL CAST

May 6th - TECHIES until 8PM unless we can leave earlier.

May 9th 2:30 - 5:00PM @ HHS ALL CAST 

May 10th - 12:30PM (your children will leave school early head to HHS) and rehearse until 6:30PM this is our dress rehearsal.  MUST BE PRESENT to perform in the matinees on Wednesday.

May 11th - 2 shows with staggered times for drop off in the morning for hair and make up information to follow 

May 12th & 13th hair and make up staggered starts shows at 7PM!

May 14th  - Show at 2 and 7PM these hair and make up times will be ironed out closer to show, please be prepared some may be quite early.

Thank you again for your willingness to commit your children and your time to making this show run a success!  There is still much to accomplish from my end and I am sure I am forgetting something but will try and keep you all aware of upcoming expectations, for now, this is where I am at.

Have a good rest of your day, Kristen

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