Monday, April 9, 2018


Checking my list this morning I want to be sure to touch base with all of you as we approach April Break.

Good Morning -

There are few things that have been handed out in the past few weeks that I want to be sure you have seen, the parent blurb was one those things, this was suggested on the ticket form (you could pay the $5.00 with ticket moneys) or you could hand in the paper and the $5.00 to me to be included in the program. Basically it means that you are sending words of encouragement and praise that will be seen by all in the program and your contribution will help defray printing costs.

Also, there are posters that will be handed out by week's end to distribute in the community. We would love your help in the placement of these posters all over town.

Tshirt orders have been submitted and I did get a few extra in case you mistakenly missed the deadline.

Shoes are the next order of business, every child will need a dance shoe.

The cast list was designed for you to better understand which shoe your son/daughter will need.

If your son is a salesman, they will need a dress shoe, preferably lace up in black (we do have dress shoes to paw through in the costume barn but not sure of the sizing for some of the smaller feet in the cast).

If your daughter is a Pick a little lady, or a member of the teen dance corps, Mrs. Paroo, Marian, or Eulalie they need this shoe:

In tan, please.

If your daughter is a member of the wan tan ye girls (they'll go barefoot that one scene) and or a member of the children's dance corps, Amaryllis or Gracie Shinn it would be great if they could get black ballet flats.


If you have specific questions or concerns about shoes please contact me via email.

The deadline for the parent blurb is this Friday. I cannot add anything after break as the program is going to print.

Tomorrow we will be taking head shots for the program. We decided to wear black tops (solid) and jean bottoms, please make sure your son/daughter has these things for the rehearsal. Originally we were going to do the photos on Wednesday but as it turns out people are gone for the photos beginning Wednesday.

Thank you for your cooperation, the blogs and emails will pick up as we get closer; it takes a village!

With Gratitude, Kristen

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