Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Good Morning One and All -

We are almost to April, can you even believe it?

Next week's schedule is up on the calendar, for the most part it looks like all cast, or most cast but I do specify scenes and if your child isn't in them then they do not have rehearsal on those days. We have rehearsal every day next week until 5PM (if they are supposed to be there). They should see me with questions.

I have sent out with tech crew and with cast both the ticket order forms and the t-shirt orders.

The tickets orders will be numbered in the order I receive them and collected by the day in the envelopes I have here. Make sure we can easily read your name and your child's name...

Thank you in advance for all your support, we are cruising into the final month of production, things are about to take flight! ;)

Be well, and look for lots of coming updates!

Thanks so much, Kristen

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