Friday, March 3, 2017

First week of fun complete...

Good Morning -

Well two days of rehearsal fun behind us and here are some of the things we accomplished and some important things to note:

  • Most everyone has been measured!  HOORAY! 
  • We clarified who was in what number (still subject to change) but closer...
  • We talked about teamwork and expectations for the group and for the most part the kids seemed receptive.
  • We read through with guide vocals the first day and read through without guide vocals the second day.
  • We laughed - A LOT!  It's a funny show.
  • We learned it is difficult music and we are shaping the schedule around having some specific instruction for learning notes of this particular music.
  • ALL CAST can find the MUSIC for the show on YouTube if they type in any of the musical selections and Shrek Jr. they can practice their parts.
  • The website, is (you probably knew that since you're here) 
  • You can make a shortcut on your phone by pressing the arrow up button in the middle of your search screen and clicking add to homepage.  It's a really useful tip, take it from me, a single mom with too many schedules to think on most days, it's my favorite function, you can even save explicitly the calendar piece or you can share with your phone's calendar the HMMS MUSICAL calendar piece since it was created through Google Calendar.
  • The calendar is NOT SET IN STONE.  Part of creating a musical or anything theater is the creativity and being able to recognize what needs work and adjusting as needed is a part of that.  
  • We want to use your child's time and yours the best we can so please be patient and flexible with the process.  I (we) will try to have every week nailed down by Thursday of the previous week.  I have placeholders in there now.  That may change it may not.  
  • I am trying to still attend my monthly meetings required of my teaching position this year that is why some weeks only have two or three rehearsals.  
  • The most important weeks are the weeks following April break you will see these are all cast and crew, that will not change (if anything they might go longer) please plan appointments accordingly and let me know in advance for any potential conflicts.
  • I can't thank you enough for the help with the bake sale this weekend, Barb Farnsworth for creating the Signup Genius, but the outpouring of bake sale goods and coffee stuffs was incredible and so fast so THANK YOU!
  • Don't forget the Yankee Candle Fundraiser going on through March 14th.  
  • T-shirt orders are due today.  I will accept them until Monday end of day and that is it.  
  • If I do not have your t-shirt order before Monday after school you will miss out on purchasing the t-shirt for this year's show.  
  • T-shirts are $15.00
An exciting and busy first week back.  We are off and running, as always if you have any questions or concerns please contact me and I will get back to you ASAP!

Many thanks, KChap

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